Business Internships

Business Internships

A Business Internship is a learning experience which is:

    • Based on practical work experience
    • Related directly to your program of study
    • Individualized to enable you to gain valuable work experience and determine career choices
    • Keyed to your academic knowledge, personal development and professional preparation
    • A privilege

It is important for the student to understand these characteristics of the Business Internship Development Center at North Iowa Area Community College:

First, this learning experience is based entirely on practical work experience. This means that the majority of the student’s learning takes place on the job through an employer.

Second, a Business Internship is an integral part of the student’s chosen Business program. The work experience must provide new learning opportunities that are directly related to a program of study and/or career choice. During the experience, the student will earn academic credits toward graduation and receive a grade for this experience.

Third, the experience is individualized to enable the student to develop and achieve appropriate goals. The key element in this student-faculty-employer relationship is the development of mutually agreeable work objectives. To make this experience valuable, the student is asked to jointly establish specific objectives for the experience.

Fourth, the experience will allow the student an opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge acquired from their academic studies. This experience will enhance employability and development of additional career knowledge, responsibility, and self-confidence.