ACC-111 Introduction to Accounting   3 s.h.

Prerequisite:  None

Course Description:  This course provides the student with a basic understanding of the accounting cycle and basic accounting rules along with the process of collecting and using financial information in a business.  (Equivalent to 15-109, ACCT-101)


BUS-161 Human Relations   3 s.h.

Prerequisite:  None

Course Description:  Human Relations is a course designed to improve the student’s ability to function in the workplace.  This class will work on increasing the student’s self-awareness and improving their ability to get along with customers, coworkers, and supervisors. (Equivalent to 15-241, BUSN-105)


BUS-225 Business Internships   1 – 5 s.h.


    1. Students must enroll in and pass BUS-162, Workplace Professionalism.
    2. Students must have completed and filed an Application for Employment with their Internship Coordinator.
    3. Students must have their proposed experience approved by the Internship Coordinator before they may register and begin.

A Business Internship is a learning experience which is:

    1. Based on practical work experience
    2. Related directly to the student’s program of study
    3. Individualized to enable the student to gain valuable work experience and help determine career choices
    4. Geared to the student’s academic knowledge, personal development, and professional preparation.

Instructor’s consent required. Course is repeatable for a maximum of 15 credit hours.