Intermediate Algebra

Intermediate Algebra

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Divisibility Tests   Divisibility_Test

Chapter 1

Prime and Composites (1.1)  Prime-and-Composite-Numbers

Least Common Multiple/ Greatest Common Factors  LCM-GCF

Number Theory Flow Chart  (1.2 a)  Number_Theory

Properties of Real Numbers (1.2b)  Properties_Real

Order of Operations (1.3e)  Order_of_Operations

Polynomials and Like Terms (1.4a)  Polynomials_and_like_terms

Solving Linear Equations (1.4b)  Solving_Linear_Equations_-_One_Variable

Interval Notation (1.7)  Interval_Notation

Absolute Value Inequalities (1.7b)  Absolute_Value_Inequalities_revised_320

Chapter 2

Forms of Linear Equations  Three_Forms_for_Linear_Equations_in_Two_Variables

Graph paper     Graph_Paper_4_no_axes



Chapter 3

Solving Systems by Graphing     Solving-systems-graphing

Graph Paper     Graph_Paper_4_no_axes



Chapter 4

Exponent Rules   Exponent_Rules

Factoring Polynomials   Factoring_Polynomials

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Imaginary Numbers (Complex Numbers)  Imaginary_Numbers

Radical Rules   Radical_Rules_Review

Simplifying Radicals   Simplifying_Radicals

Chapter 7

Pythagorean Theorem   pythagorean-theorem

Chapter 8

Logarithm Review (8.4)   Logarithm-Review-1-14