ART 115 Graphic Design
Creative problem solving through the exploration of aesthetic and technical aspects of graphic design using computer-aided design software. (20-50-0-0) Equivalent to 10-202, ARTS-202.

ART 116 Graphic Design II
Prerequisite: ART-115, Graphic Design. As a continuation of ART-115, Graphic Design, this course will emphasize the conceptual skills necessary to effectively integrate the principles of visual perception to design projects. Emphasis will be given to the role of color as it relates to visual communication. The theoretical, psychological and cultural aspects of color will be studied in the context of their application to appropriate graphic design decisions. Design software such as, but not limited to, Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and QuarkXpress will be utilized. (45-0-0-0)

ART 127 Digital Illustration (formerly ART 117 Principles of Illustration)
Creation and manipulation of digital imagery is explored in the context of creative expression. User interactivity, full-color printing and computer art theories are covered. The history of digital illustration will be studied in the context of how it has changed our perceptions of visual imagery. The student completes visual projects with instructor guidance. (45-0-0-0)

ART 133 Drawing
The development of visual perception in objective and subjective representation. Study of line, form, texture, and value in a variety of media stressing an individual’s creative development. This is an entry-level course. (20-50-0-0) Equivalent to 10-120, ARTS-120.

ART 143 Painting
Prerequisite: ART-101, Art Appreciation; ART-120, Two-Dimensional Design; or ART-133, Drawing. This is a beginning course planned to familiarize the student with the basic materials and tools of painting, the elements of pictorial organization, and the individual’s creative development. Each student is encouraged to cultivate his or her own visual vocabulary. (45-0-0-0) Equivalent to 10-210, ARTS-210.

ART 144 Painting II
Prerequisite: ART-143, Painting I. Continuation of ART-143, Painting I. Independent research, reading, and personal exploration of media and techniques. (45-0-0-0) Equivalent to 10-211, ARTS-211.

ART 187 Creative Photography
An investigation into the relationship of basic photographic techniques to design, perception, and aesthetics. Each student is encouraged to cultivate his or her own visual vocabulary while working on photographic projects. (20-50-0-0) Equivalent to
10-150, ARTS-150.

ART 188 Creative Photography II
Prerequisite: ART-187, Creative Photography. Emphasis on exploring photographic techniques in the development of a personal
vision. Technical subjects covered: lighting, advanced computer manipulation, and camera techniques. Only offered spring semester. (20-50-0-0) Equivalent to 10-151, ARTS-151.